13 Southampton Way (The Salvage Yard) Consultation

13 Southampton Way (The Salvage Yard) Consultation
UPDATE: there is now a petition to stop this challenge to the Metropolitan Open Land status of the park here: http://chng.it/SnXNPpsfcw

UPDATE 2: there was a second stage of the consultation on Wednesday 3rd July 2019 4-8pm and Thursday 4th July 4-8pm and the boards are the 1st file below.

The consultation is about the Salvage Yard on Southampton Way which currently has Metropolitan Open Land* designation, and was proposed by Southwark to become part of the park.  This is subject to a Compulsory Purchase Order for this purpose to become parkland that has not been enacted (yet). Burlington Developments would like to overturn the M.O.L. Designation because of it’s ‘appearance’ and develop the site with the owner with 3-6 floors of mixed use housing with commercial on the ground floor, and are looking for your comments.

Please download the feedback form and send with your comments to AimeeHoward@newingtoncomms.co.uk

Responses are being accepted up to 19th April.

(any inaccuracies in the above statement or anything to add or any other documents to post me know)