iMIS 2017 Training Courses
iMIS 2017 Training Courses
New to iMIS 20.2 2017 release? These online sessions will give you the introduction that you need to understand the basic purpose of core iMIS modules and help orient you to the Staff and Member websites. Whether you are a new iMIS client just starting on your implementation or a new staff member at an iMIS client, these iMIS 2017 sessions will jump start your training plan.

Scroll through the available 20.2 - 2017 specific courses from the list below, including:

  • iMIS 2017 Orientation Part 1
  • iMIS 2017 Orientation Part 2
  • iMIS Orientation - System Admin
  • iMIS Orientation - Product Owner/Project Manager

  • Customer Management for End Users
  • Customer Management - Advanced Topics
  • Customer Management for Administrators

  • Billing/Dues for End Users
  • Billing/Dues for Administrators
  • Billing/Dues - Miscellaneous Topics

  • Events for End Users
  • Events Setup
  • Event Management

  • AR/Finance for End Users
  • AR/Finance for Managers
  • AR/Finance - Add-ons for Managers

  • Order Entry for End Users
  • Orders for Managers
  • Orders - Inventory Management

Watch this space for more on demand learning courses for iMIS 2017 soon.

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Use the training code: ORIENTATION2017

Thank you!!