ASI Training: iMIS Cloud Professional On-Demand Training
ASI Training: iMIS Cloud Professional On-Demand Training
New to iMIS? These online sessions will give you the introduction that you need to understand the basic purpose of core iMIS modules and help orient you to the Staff and Member websites. Whether you are a new iMIS client just starting on your implementation or a new staff member at an iMIS client, these on-demand sessions will jump start your training plan.

On-demand sessions are a different format to our standard At Your Desk training classes. You won't need to access remote training servers or do labs or exercises like we would in a formal training class. This is a Guided Tour, so sit back, relax and take in your iMIS experience.

For those on the iMIS Learning Subscription, the On-Demand Series is an excellent place to start your journey. If you have an iMIS Training Plan already in place this will help you understand where you would like to prioritize your training by getting a better high level overview of the product.

We would very much appreciate your feedback on these on-demand training sessions. To leave us your feedback, please visit: 
Use the training code: ORIENTATION20PRO

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