Information and images for press and other stakeholders
Information and images for press and other stakeholders
Artby is a contemporary Scandinavian art brand, offering sensible pieces to people who want to live and consume in a meaningful, pleasurable and thoughtful way. We are exclusively focused on high-caliber craftsmanship, unique collabs and artistic originality. All condensed into premium art prints in limited editions

Our product line is highly curated, our collaborating artists are carefully selected and our printmaking process is designed to guarantee superior quality, combining high precision imaging technology with excellent craft. We work in an acid free environment with stable humidity and lighting optimized for color calibration, digital test printing and print evaluation. Each edition is produced in close collaboration with the artist and all prints are quality assured one by one

In everything we do we value quality and longevity. We work solely with high density pigments and heavyweight acid free papers. All prints are embossed with the iconic Artby eye which confirms that a print is flawless and verifies it as an original Artby edition. When treated with care our prints have a life expectancy of 100 years

We purposefully nurture sustainability. A main consideration is to reduce our negative impact, utilize local resources, and support sociocultural improvement and democratization. Ultimately, we stand up for a diverse Scandinavian art scene that expands and literally finds its way into more people’s lives and homes. We approach design and art with great care and attention, and handle the alarming culture of disposability by producing and presenting durable products that will last a lifetime
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