Children’s Bible Lessons - Christian Warrior Series
Children’s Bible Lessons - Christian Warrior Series
This series of Bible Lessons (in PDF format) is designed for a small group of children (ages 7-12) in home groups, small children’s church classrooms (20 or less) or homeschool settings.

This series consists of 4 Units: “The Armor of God”, “The Fruit of the Spirit”, “The Gifts of the Spirit” and “Holiday Unit” (1- Thanksgiving Lesson and 4- Christmas Lessons).

The Table of Contents lists each lesson by number and title. Follow the steps below:

  1. Choose the lesson you wish to view, download or print.
  1. Arrow down to that lesson with the corresponding number.
  1. Print out and distribute to your teachers or teach from your tablet/device.

To view, download or print the Table of Contents or a lesson, please double-click the preview below.