Excel Workbooks & User Guides for Systematic Reviews 

Excel Workbooks & User Guides for Systematic Reviews 
March 11, 2020
Please note: I have updated the workbooks but NOT the user guides. The user guides are mostly right as most of the changes are in wording. For example, the guide for the Cohen’s kappa workbook and the screening workbook show “no”, “maybe”; the new workbooks use “exclude” and “go to full text review”. However-- feel free to contact me for copies of the new workbooks or with any questions.

Instead of one PRIMARY workbook for all reviews, there is a:
1. A PRIMARY workbook for one-person reviews (you won’t need to use any of the other workbooks); 
  1. A PRIMARY workbook for literature, internet, and citation-tracking searches only (good for those of you who use DistillerSR, Covidence, or other screening/full text review software);
  1. A series of Excel workbooks for two-person reviews including a PRIMARY workbook, a Cohen’s kappa interrater reliability workbook, a screening workbook, and a full text review workbook.
  1. Coming soon: A series of Excel workbooks for three-person reviews;
  1. Coming soon: A Cohen’s kappa interrater reliability workbook for four-person reviews along with instructions on how use the two-person workbook with four people.

Additionally, I am working on updating instructions for using the screening workbooks in cases where the literature searches have not been completed at the same time or additional citations were found while reviewing bibliographies.

High quality systematic reviews require accuracy and transparency. These free workbooks have been designed to capture data gathered throughout the literature search, screening, and full text review. The user guides provide step-by-step instructions along with screen snapshots so you’ll know you are doing it right. You can use (and share!) this shortened URL to access all of the resources on this site:  https://shwca.se/Excel-SR-workbooks-guides