NSW Small Business Strategy 2020: Discussion Paper
NSW Small Business Strategy 2020: Discussion Paper
Small businesses are the backbone of the NSW economy with over 765,000 in this state alone, they represent the largest number in Australia. Small businesses make up 98% of NSW businesses and employ around 1.65 million people. They contribute more than $355 billion to annual sales.  More than 230,000 small businesses are located in regional NSW, making it a vital part of our economy.  

To help inform continued improvement and contribution to the small business community, NSW Treasury has released the NSW Small Business Strategy 2020: Discussion Paper (below) and is inviting public feedback to help develop a refreshed NSW Small Business Strategy next year.  

This Discussion Paper is the first step towards the review of the current NSW Small Business Strategy, and sets out five areas for feedback:  

  1. A strong economy for small businesses to thrive  

  1. Making it easier for small businesses to contract with Government  

  1. Making it easier to do business  

  1. Building the capability of small business  

  1. Building resilient, connected and prepared businesses in NSW  

As part of this Discussion Paper, NSW Treasury is also seeking public feedback of the Small Business Commissioner Act 2013 which establishes the objectives, functions and powers of the NSW Small Business Commissioner. 

The information gathered as part of this consultation process will inform the statutory review of the Act.  

  • Have your say public consultation until 4 March 2020 
  • NSW Small Business Strategy to be presented in the first half of 2020

Public consultation is now open on the NSW Small Business Strategy 2020: Discussion Paper. 

We want to hear from you on what you think of the themes highlighted in the Discussion Paper. Your feedback will inform the final recommendations of the Strategy. 

You can provide your feedback by either completing an online submission, or uploading your submission document below.  Consultation is open until  4 March 2020.  

Download the Discussion Paper below to review the five key themes affecting small businesses and the initiatives the NSW Government is currently delivering. Tell us as much or as little as you like, and you can respond to any or all of questions listed in the Discussion Paper.  

Unless a specific request is made for confidentiality, submissions will be made available to the public (all contact details will be kept confidential). We may choose not to publish a submission - for example, if it contains confidential or commercially sensitive information. Any claims for confidentiality should be clearly marked on the front of the submission.