Nothing’s Changed, Everything’s Different
Nothing’s Changed, Everything’s Different
Brisbane has evolved significantly over recent years and we want the locals to reignite their love for the region, so they become our biggest advocates. The articulation and positioning of the Brisbane’s unique experiences combined with the feeling it evokes is what will help set us apart and put us on the world map.
‘Nothing’s Changed, Everything’s Different’ is a unique campaign that tells the story of our region in an authentic and compelling way. It’s honest to the people of Brisbane and based on a truth, that whilst the growth of our region and the diversity of new experiences have changed the landscape, the people and the feeling of Brisbane haven’t changed.
Supported by a $2million dollar investment across two major bursts of activity, the campaign will engage and invite locals and visitors to become advocates of Brisbane. The campaign will be our most notable to date with Megan Washington launching the campaign soundtrack, her heart-felt version of one of Brisbane’s most iconic songs, Powderfinger’s – My Happiness. 
Key media channels include cinema, television, print, outdoor, digital, social and PR will showcase an authentic, individual and alluring Brisbane experience. Local media personality Sofie Formica will further explore the idea of ‘Nothing’s Changed, Everything’s Different’ on social media in various locations across Brisbane. As Brisbane’s largest advocacy campaign to date, it will reap dividends for hotels, tourism operators, retailers, restaurateurs and many other businesses within the region.
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