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Note, many resources have been compiled by and/or for LGBTQIA+, GNC (gender non-comforming), QTPOC (queer and trans people of color), AIDS/HIV+, underemployed, undocumented, uninsured, artists, culture workers and activist communities who have long had to deal with systemic crises and neglect, and have made grassroots connections and invested in robust networks more so than those with vastly different privileges. Some of these resources are explicitly for those people and to match the assets of those with more privileges directly to those with few. All these documents required a lot of black and brown labor, mental, emotional and intellectual, and a fluency in being attentive to both their communities and those outside or in opposition to their communities. 

Users of these resources should consider self-awareness: take what you truly need, maybe put something back into the pot (like give someone a ride if you have a car, or be a resource for delivering food), and be respectful of the contributions by whom I can only imagine to be passionate stewards of these ideas. Maybe someone "in need" comes to these documents, finds state and city resources to weather the next couple months, and realizes that they can actually give some personal support to someone in more desperate conditions. Even if you are good to pay rent, maybe someone else in your building is not and maybe it makes sense to speak up and not pay rent on this principle. If you all don’t need to pay rent because your landlord seeks and receives government assistance for missing rent during this crisis, then you can pay someone else. Push your landowner to do this. If they get tax subsidy out of all this, then you (and your cohort) should get rent subsidy: they should not get more profit.

For city resources like cash assistance and SNAP, I think it's a good idea to oversubscribe- even if you don't "need it" but qualify for it, take it anyway and pass it on to someone who needs more than what the government gives (everyone) or someone who can't apply because no SS#. The more casualties of this recession the city is able to count the more they are faced with needs from people who have long been invisible even before this crisis, in addition to those fresh to the game.

Below there are some great educational resources via some of these links for children. It's a good teaching moment for survival and navigating and calling the city (NYC in my case) to account. It’s also a good time to educate children by doing a live comparison. With regard to this current pandemic: What is our president saying? What are different politicians saying? What is your school principal saying? The news? Your friends? Your parents? Yourself? Understanding why people are sarcastic (easier than being scared), or vague (scared of misleading), or upset (also scared), or optimistic (scared and in soft denial), and what each voice’s intention is helps us understand why it’s not all so simple as one truth vs. all the lies by default. Everyone is different and we all hear different things based on our experiences. So there’s reasons why one voice sounds more true to someone than others; and why there are reasons to listen to some voices over others, even if it’s not the one you agree with the most.

I have not gone through so much of these resources in detail so I advise anyone to read through because there is a lot of content. 

PLEASE GIVE YOUR MASK TO YOUR DELIVERY PERSON - undocumented and vulnerable!

email a.m.solstad@gmail.com to submit new links or aid projects (USA) trying to update often, some redundancy may be present, happy to link to other people doing similar work internationally