The Whole Teacher
The Whole Teacher
In supporting the Whole Child, ASCD promotes the well-being of the Whole Teacher in every aspect, including relationship-building, work-life balance and professional learning and supports that bolster teacher mental, emotional and physical health. How do we champion educator wellbeing through self-care and organizational policies, practices and services that promote thriving professionals in a vibrant, supportive community who serves as models for the students and families they serve? In this edition we address the needs of The Whole Teacher.

This bundle consists of three sections: 

  • Making the Case for the Whole Teacher: what are our individual and collective experiences? how do we think about them? what changes need to take place to make change take root?

  • Strategies and Solutions for the Whole Teacher: what is our vision for the Whole Teacher? what are effective, immediate steps that can be taken? what does it look like in action?

  • Tools that Support the Whole Teacher: how can we self-assess where we are in our own journey? how can we capture the status of our schools and districts? what scalable, replicable programs are available for sharing?

We hope you find the expertise and experiences shared by the contributors to this bundle to be thoughtful, helpful and practical as you continue to pursue your hopes, dreams and goals as a Whole Teacher!

  • Interested in digging deeper? Feel free to reach out to this issue’s subject matter experts directly! 
  • Their contact information is included with each article and tool.

  • Have valuable, original contributions you’d like to add to this theme? Want to offer feedback on this issue? 

  • Published September 20, 2019

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