Work Samples & Case Studies
Work Samples & Case Studies
Catherine Hicks 
Catherine Hicks
A Series of case studies & deliverable samples of UX/UI projects for Focused Design Studio’s Principal (and freelance UI/UX artist) Catherine Hicks.  

Experience Summary
Northern California native Catherine Hicks has worked in various parts of the tech sector since beginning her career in early internet development in 1996 including but not limited to: 

  • Early HTML/CSS development
  • Visual Design for print, Web & Mobile
  • UX Strategy, Design & Research
  • Social Media Branding & Strategy Consulting 
  •  Creative Project Management with a speciality of managing projects for co-located teams

Areas of Expertise
  • Managing projects across cross-functional and co-located teams, primarily focused on multi-national team management and project execution
  • Establishing UX best practices across teams, production cycles and monthly business rhythms for optimal efficiency
  • Applying graphic design principles and processes to print, web and mobile projects, with expertise in Sketch & other industry standard tools
  • Crafting well thought out, thoroughly researched user experiences for web, mobile and kiosk
  • Conducting Usability research and data analysis and implementation of said data
  • Wireframing & Functional Design Specifications with a developer aesthetic

NOTE: Most work here is under NDA and not available for public viewing. Only viewers directly given this link & others associated with them for the terms of hiring creatives can view.  Links to this site & the files available here are subject to change without notice.

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