w4rner: Fulbright Research on ‘Smartphone Dependence’
w4rner: Fulbright Research on ‘Smartphone Dependence’
Laurence Warner aka w4rner explored the idea of Smartphone Dependence from research, practical & artistic perspectives 2017-9 as part of their Fulbright-funded Master’s research. 
The research agenda was motivated by a technologist telling them that “we are already bionic. Taking away a smartphone is like cutting off an arm.”
As their tech handle provocatively suggests, w4rner is fascinated by the opportunity represented by integrating technology into our daily lives, in particular through consumer-friendly Artificial Intelligence; and yet, drawing upon their own struggles with tech addiction as an adolescent, their belief that the success of our youth will depend upon their ability to master their tech.
You can explore the work by clicking on the links below:
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