Horses & Tack
Horses & Tack
We have 39 horses at Mozambique Horse Safari; the majority of our animals were rescued from Zimbabwean farms at the height of political violence, several have been taken on in Mozambique & in 2018 we acquired a small herd of prize-winning SA Boerperds for breeding purposes. On Benguerra Island we have six geldings looked after by Charlotte, the rest of our horses are based on the mainland in Vilankulo with Pat & Mandy.

Our breeds include a combination of crosses with a strong mix of Arab plus our newly registered South African Boerperds. The bulk of our horses have an incredible story, you will meet Texas our strong grey gelding who was about to be fed to lions, and Lady an orphan foal that has grown into the matriarch of our herd. You will also meet Aandag Breitling our SA Boerperd stallion and Corderan, our newest foal and hope for the future.

Our riding horses are schooled and looked after by Pat, they have lovely calm temperaments and react easily and lightly to the aids. If you ever get to visit Mozambique Horse Safari you will see that their care and well-being take precedence ensuring that they are responsive, alert, tough and fit. For saddlery we use a combination of Wintecs, Australian Stock and McClellan saddles. Our bridles are uncomplicated with single reins, and for the most part we use single jointed & french link snaffle bits. 

We are incredibly passionate about our horses, they are our greatest and most treasured assets and we look after them incredibly well. If you have any questions please feel fee to contact us on +258 (0) 842512910 or WhatsApp +258 (0) 84 6472624. 
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